Bring in your baby or ‘furbaby’ and get their tiny feet, hands or paws onto some pottery, into clay, as a silver keepsake or a 3D cast. Pot Doodles, to create and keep.

Hand, Foot &

Paw prints

onto Pottery

HOW IT WORKS – Bring in your baby or ‘furbaby’ and get their tiny hands, feet or paws onto some pottery. Prices depend on what pottery shapes you choose, we have over 88 shapes to choose from at any one time. Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Jugs, Clocks and Picture frames to name but a few. I will of course help you make these memories.

WHY NOT – Get a group of other mums together & make a party of it. All pottery is kiln fired & when finished is dishwasher safe. It will be ready to collect, within 2 weeks from Pot Doodles (sooner if needed).

Baby Hand & 

Feet Castings

3D Casts and Imprints

2 Casts in a frame cost £112. This includes the 2 casts (either hand or foot or two hands or two feet) in an Light or Dark wood box Frame with a hand written plaque.

4 casts in a frame cost £168 – this includes 4 casts (2 hands and 2 feet) in an light or dark wood box Frame with a hand written plaque.

If you would like a frame that includes space for the casts and a photograph these are quoted individually.

COLLECTION – Please allow at least 14 weeks before collection of finished casting or imprint.

    Hand, Foot &

    Paw prints

    into Clay

    HOW IT WORKS – these clay imprints are really striking, with the prints picked out in a gorgeous range of coloured glazes, the available shapes are heart, oval or square.

    1 hand and 1 foot – small £37 unframed, £77 framed

    Large £47 unframed, £87 framed

    2 hands and 2 feet unframed £60, framed £100


    Silver Keepsakes



    Available with a 20inch sterling silver chain as an additional £15. The heart shaped pendants come in 4 sizes:
    – Small version 18mm £85
    – Standard version 22mm £95
    – Large version 24mm £105
    – Larger version 31mm £115

    Round 17mm £125
    Square 17mm £130

    Available in 7 colours £55

    COLLECTION – Please allow 2-3 weeks before collection.

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