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Takeaway Hamper and Party Boxes

Prices Subject to Change

Pottery Shapes Subject to Availability

Paint pottery in the comfort of your own home, with our Paint your own pottery takeaway service or our party box.

Example of the Pot Doodles Takeaway and Createaway Service 1Selection of Pottery Blanks

  • To Order... - just pick the pottery pieces you wish to paint from our takeaway menu below and we will then loan you:

- A set of colour glazes
- A palette or palettes
- A set of brushes
- A Black Pottery Pencils or liquid writers 

  • Your order will be boxed up & ready to collect the following day from our Studio in Yeovil.  Or for an additional fee of 0.48 pence a mile return, from Pot Doodles to your own venue, it can be delivered.  
  • When you have finished - Once you have painted your pottery return it together with all the items on LOAN; (the Glazes, Brushes, Palette & Pottery pencil or Writer) to the address above in the original Pot Doodles box.
  • Collection - We glazes & kiln fire your pottery & it is then Dishwasher & Microwave poof & ready to collect from the address above within 7 days - Easy!
  • Payment... - Is to be taken in full when the order is placed.  To order... - Call us on 07710183891. 
  • Takeaway Hamper - Our Takeaway service is only available to orders over £20. 
  • Party Box - Please let us know how many the party is for, so the relevant numbers of palettes and brushes etc..can be provided.  A "waterproof table cloth" can also be provided if requested. 
  • Deposit - A deposit of £20 is required when booking the Takeaway Hamper or Party Box.  It will be reimbursed once all the loaned items are returned.
  • The Prices below apply to the takeaway and create-away orders and party boxes only.

The Menu


 lastest pictures 256 Breakfast Plate 23cm - £13
Cup cake plate Dinner Plate 27cm - £18
Rebeccas Plate for Mothers Day Heart Plate £16 
5 Standard Coffee Mug - £10
9.5cm Tall Mugs Dad's Large Mug £15
 Cookie Jar 1  Large Cookie Jar - £40 
8 Cone Mug - £14
lastest pictures 084 Cereal Bowl - £14
 Heart Shaped Door Plaque  Heart Plaque £17 each 
 Heart Shaped Box 12cm  Heart Shaped Trinket Box £17 
 Butterfly Trinket Box  Butterfly Trinket Box £17
Plant Pot Holder for Grandma Plant Pot Holder £21 
 TA31 PanelPhotoFrame350  Photo Frames £33 each 
16 Dog & Cat Bowl - £20
17 Large 2 pint tea pot - £35
18 Working Clock - £30


*All prices are subject to change and all pottery is subject to availability.